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Q: Who are you?
A: A small group of raw-providers. Raws-for-you.
Q: What does the "provider" mean?
A: We are providing (not encoding by yourself!) raws from anonymous p2ps. Such as Freenet, Share, Perfect Dark.
Q: How long have you been around?
A: Since 23th October of 2008.
Q: There are two raw groups on the website, what's the difference?
A: Raws-4U always have better quality than Leopard-raws. Sometimes, it's barely noticeable, but it is.
Q: You have used to prepare english subs for batches. What's up?
A: Life is getting more busy, you know. However, you can download a database of crunchyroll subs (check "Eng.Subs→Other" section). I'm updating it once in a week or two. You can also download english softsubs from sites like and . And don't forget that sometimes fansubbers upload scripts on their official sites.
Q: How can I use softsubs?
A: Unpack, rename a script, use Aegisub if the script needs retiming, watch.
Q: Will you upload/release **** show?
A: Just wait and see. We can't say anything about this. For russians/Для русских: планы на онгоинги можно найти на форуме (флудилка→/нужный сезон/) в начале каждого сезона.
Q: How about to comment every release with ripper's alias?
A: You can check a profile page for the first episode, if there is no info about ripper, it should be @Link.
A: No, since it costs money to get a server. I tried to run bot on my home connection, but it wasn't good idea.
Q: The ******* torrent has no seeds!
A: Contact us.
Q: How can I contact with you?
A: Just leave a comment on our website (torrents profile, forum), or IRC channel (irc://
Q: Your filenames contain japanese characters, why?
A: More like "why don't you romanizate original filenames?", am I right? Foremost, I don't like to mess up with original filenames: you can find some useful information in it (e.g. an episode name), secondly, unified anime titles system (as they are supposed to be, not like a certain group wants [kuuchuu buranko—kuchu buranko—trapeze], for example). Thirdly, it is RAW after all, without any translation or whatever you want to see. That's not all, although it's enough to understand… I hope.
Q: If you don't like to rename original filenames, why do you put "[Raws-4U]" tag on it?
A: For purposes of RSS, of course.

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