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Profile :: [Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Studio “Syrup Comfiture” — Blossom (東方) [SSC-0013] (flac+scans)

Date2012-06-03 at 18:38 Central US (UTC -9:00)

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Current releases

[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 556ミリメートル — desire -sweetly love girls- (東方) [MMCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 森羅万象 — あの日の夢のアリス (東方) [SBCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Silver Forest — Silver Forest 2006-2012 BEST (東方) [SFNC-0035~40] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ARMのArmageddon Records — distant (東方) [ARM-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rolling Contact — HEAVEN's SOUND 03 (東方) [LOLI-0027] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) R-Note — 東方彩醒響 (東方) [RNCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) C-CLAYS — 桜歌 -OUKA- (東方) [TOCD-0033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) トマト組 — TOMATO AND BITTERS (東方) [TGCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TAMUSIC — 東方四重奏6 (東方) [TAM3-0090] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 流派未確定 — Forget-me-not -忘れな草- (東方) [RMCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TaNaBaTa — TaNaBaTa例大祭9手焼きCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Arte Refact — 幻想遊戯館 - Fantastic Casino - (東方) [ARTE-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) NJK Record — TOHO EURO FLASH Remixies (東方) [NJK-006] (flac+scans)

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